Advanced Imaging Facility

Our Mission


The Micron imaging facility aims to provide users from all departments and outside the university the means and opportunity to carry out imaging experiments to the highest standards. We host a wide range of microscopes suitable for many biological imaging applications. Micron also offers training and technical support as well as assistance with image analysis, post-acquisition processing, data storage and experimental design.

Facility staff


If you have any questions about access  to the facility, to arrange training or any other queries please contact the facility staff at and  they will be happy to help.

Our Microscopes


The facility hosts a broad selection of microscope systems for users to choose from. These range from widefield and confocal fluorescence systems, bespoke and commercial super-resolution systems to electron microscopes. For advice on which machine is best suited to your experimental needs, please contact the facility management team. 

Open Microscopy Environment


OME is a consortium of universities, research labs, industry and developers producing open-source software and format standards for microscopy data. In Micron we are happy to assist users to use the OME system to store and catalogue their data according to best practice. 

Analysis Suite


We have a fully equipped image analysis suite in New Biochemistry. The workstations are integrated with our data storage system and an OME database image database server. The workstations are equipped with software including: ImageJ/FIJI, Imaris, SoftWorx, Matlab and Volocity. 

Software Resources


Micron develops software tools to aid microscopists to acquire high quality data as well as to analyse images. We are happy to help users get started with any of these tools. 



As well as providing high quality imaging technology and user support, Micron is heavily involved in teaching microscopy at undergraduate and post-graduate level

Advanced Microscopy Course


In November each year, Micron run an Advanced Microscopy Course. The lecture slides are available and if you would like to attend the course please contact the facility managers about booking