Imaging Facility Team

Andrew Jefferson

I am the Facility Manager at Micron, where I assist with user training, troubleshooting and maintaining the equipment and facilities. I first became involved with microscopy at the Molecular Cytogenetics and Microscopy Core at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford, where I completed my D.Phil and also assisted in the running of the microscopy facility. I have completed post-doctoral research positions at the University of Arizona and at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine in Oxford, both heavily involved with light microscopy and imaging. Prior to joining the Department of Biochemistry I was a lab manager at the Dunn School of Pathology where I also assisted with the Bioimaging Facility which is part of Micron.

Carina Monico

Carina has several years of experience in molecular biology, single-molecule biophysics and optics. After finishing her studies in pure Biology at the University of Coimbra, she did her PhD and first postdoc at the European Laboratory of Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) in Florence. At LENS she combined dual optical tweezers, fluorescence imaging and microfluidics to study gene expression and regulation at the single molecule level. Then she moved to the Chemistry Department at the University of Oxford and King's College London for a postdoc in cell membrane biophysics. There she built several bespoke fluorescence microscopes suitable for TIRFM, widefield microscopy, polarisation, FRAP, smFRET and live cell applications. She is now the assistant manager at Micron. Come and meet her for any advice in terms of basic and advanced microscopy, sample preparation and experiment design.

Maryam Qurashi

Maryam is one of Micron's image analysis specialists. She has high levels of expertise in many aspects of image analysis and is available to assist users analysing complex datasets. Maryam also runs classes on how to use software such as ImageJ and Omero.

Richard Parton

I work in the Davis lab using state-of-the-art and advanced imaging techniques as well as developing improved imaging methods and quantitative image analysis to investigate the molecular mechanism of RNA transport in Drosophila tissues. 

During my own work and through collaborations I have gained considerable experience with quantitative live cell imaging and image analysis applied to a variety of biological systems and questions working in collaboration together with researchers with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry backgrounds. I have a special interest in dynamic cell activities at the single and multi cell level with respect to the determination of cell and tissue growth and development. In addition to my research projects, part of my role is to provide technical advice and imaging support to other researchers and students.

David Pinto

I am Micron's image analysis guy. I have experience with multiple imaging systems and environment for their analysis but mainly, I want to help users to establish automatic workflows for their analysis. Under the alias of Carnë Draug, I have contributed to several FOSS projects from text editors to build tools, always with the aim of scratching some itch. I am currently also the maintainer of the Octave's package for image processing. However, my academic background is in Biology (proper old-school biology where you dissect owl vomit to assess population density of different rodents) and I have a real interest on the questions that we can make computers answer.

So please, do come over and let's talk about your projects over a cup of coffee.

Alan Wainman

I am a Post-doc in the Dunn School of Pathology where I look after the light microscopes. I'm also a Post-doc in Jordan Raff's lab where I am interested in understanding how a cell can cope with either too few centrosomes or too many. For training and access to the Dunn School microscopes send me an email.