Micron Instrument access guidelines and Rules

*Training must be provided by Micron facility staff prior to using the instrument:    https://www.cognitoforms.com/Micron3/microscopepretrainingquestionnaire

* Instruments can only be used by the user making the booking on the online booking system at:


* Bookings are normally limited to up to 4 hours between 8am-6pm per day, no more than 3 days per working week. There are no restrictions for booking outside these hours aside from on live cell systems. Exceptions to these rules may be arranged in consultation with Micron facility staff.

* Live cell systems; no more than 3 overnight bookings per week. 

* Bookings where the instrument has failed/malfunctioned will be deleted so users are not charged.

* Any issues or technical problems must be reported immediately to a member of Micron staff.

* The instrument must be left in a clean and tidy state.

* If accompanied by colleagues who have not been trained, they must not operate or be left alone to use the instruments.

* If a user has not used an instrument for >6 months they must consult a Micron facility staff member to decide if a refresher training session is required.

* The instruments must not be modified or adapted in any way without the express permission and assistance from Micron facility staff.

* All work must be covered by a COSHH form/risk assessment; it is the user’s responsibility to ensure their work is fully covered. This includes compliance with the Human Tissue Act.

* No eating or drinking at the microscopes or in microscope rooms.

* Before submitting your manuscript, please discuss with Micron staff whether all technical aspects are properly described in the microscopy section of your Materials and Methods.

* All publications using data acquired at Micron should acknowledge the facility and any staff who have specifically contributed to the research project. [Suggested wording: Thanks also to XXXX and the Micron imaging facility (supported by Wellcome Strategic Awards 091911/B/10/Z and 107457/Z/15/Z) for technical advice and access to equipment]. If staff have made a substantial contribution it will be appropriate to include them as co-authors.