Micron Wiki

We have a Micron wiki, which is constantly evolving and being updated with useful information. Internal users can register and edit the wiki (external users will soon be be able to view a snapshot of the most useful information).

In the Wiki you can find information on all of the services that micron offers, useful 'Get Started' guides, background information on our microscope systems and help with using the image management system Omero.

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Micron FAQ

Who can use the Micron facility?

Access is straightforward for researchers belonging to Biochemistry or Pathology, and relatively easy to arrange for those in other Oxford departments. External users are welcome to enquire about working collaboratively. Please contact  Andrew to enquire about registering as a user.

What are the charges for using the systems?

The microscope systems are charged on an hourly rate, with discounts for overnight bookings. Current rates for most systems are approximately £30 per hour for internal users. Please contact Andrew for more details on our rates. 

Which microscope is best for my experiment?

We are always happy to advise users on which system is most suitable for their experiments. We can also help you with setting up the instrument so you can achieve the highest quality data. Email us or call into the Micron office in the Biochemistry Dept.

What is the best way to store my large imaging data set?

As a Micron user you will be assigned storage space on one of our backed-up servers. We also recommend using the image management software Omero

Wait, what's Omero?

Omero is an open-source, free to use software for cataloguing, organising, sharing and analysing imaging datasets. It is able to handle most image file formats and includes in-browser software for creating figures from your images. For more information on Omero please contact David