Ultraview Spinning Disc Confocals


New Biochemistry Room 00-031

In Micron we have two spinning-disc confocal microscopes, one of which is fitted with a temperature and CO2 controlled chamber.

The UltraView system is a spinning disc confocal, providing optical sectioning while still permitting rapid imaging, on the order of 20 frames/s. It has 6 laser lines, 405, 488, 514, 532, 568 and 633. This allows a very wide range of fluorescent probes to be used on the system. The instrument is also fitted with a photo-bleach/activation unit, which can be used to provide either single spots or arbitrary shapes via line or raster scans. This instrument is particularly useful for doing live cell imaging as the high imaging speed and low background provide crisp images of even fast moving objects in live cells.

For further information consult the Micron Spinning Disc Wiki



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Barr_Ultraview_Users_Manual (pdf)


Nasmyth Ultraview Users Manual (pdf)