Our Vision

Micron Oxford is a collaborative, multidisciplinary bioimaging unit working with biomedical researchers in the Oxford area and beyond to apply advanced cellular imaging techniques to address key questions in biology. We are located within the Department of Biochemistry and the Dunn School of Pathology in the South Parks Road science area at the University of Oxford, and are funded by a strategic award from Wellcome.

We seek to understand the fundamental biological processes taking place in cells using advanced bioimaging technologies to observe and interfer with the components of molecular machines responsible for cellular function. To achieve this goal we are:

  1. Creating a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment that transcends departmental boundaries and fosters innovative developments in microscopy, molecular interference and tagging.
  2. Training pre/post-doctoral researchers in the application of advanced imaging and related approaches, further enabling them to answer key questions in their field of interest.
  3. Nurturing career development for research fellows, young PIs and support staff.
  4. Disseminating newly developed methodologies to the wider scientific community and providing accessible information on Centre research and technology to a lay audience.