Research & Technology Development at Micron

Development Team

Meet Ian and his team who are carrying out our cutting-edge microscopy development 

Microscope Technology Development

We design and build innovative microscopy solutions to apply to biological questions that cannot be answered by current technology

Software Development

To analyse and process the complex imaging data sets generated at the facility we have developed bespoke software applications.

Imaging facility

Micron Facility Team

For further information or to enquire about training contact Andrew or one of the other members of our team.

Advanced imaging facilities

We help researchers apply cutting edge microscope technology to their research. See our range of microscopes here.

Micron Committee Members

Micron is made up of a large group of researchers from a wide range of disciplines. 

News & Publications

For more information on recent publications involving our researchers and users click here. 

Plain English

A straight forward, jargon-free explanation of our exciting work for non-specialists.

Micron Wiki

Information about our services and how to get started using our software