Granting agencies that fund our research

Micron Strategic Award


The primary source of funding for our cutting-edge imaging research. 

Principal Applicant: Ilan Davis

Co-applicants: Jordan Raff, Martin Booth, Yvonne Jones, Christian Eggeling, David Stuart, Kay Grunewald, Neil Brockdorff.

4Pi SMS & Microscopi


Funded by the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund and the John Fell Fund, these two innovative microscopy development projects, the 4Pi SMS & Microscopi, are aimed at very different areas of research.

Nanoscopy Oxford


Nanoscopy Oxford (NanO), a new initiative funded primarily by the MRC to develop novel super-resolution imaging modalities to address key questions in the field of biomedical research.

Consortium management

Management Committee


Headed by Prof. Ilan Davis, Academic Directors, Principal Investigators on Wellcome Strategic Award and affiliated Members

Imaging Facility Manager


 Dr. Nadia Halidi manages the advanced microscopy facilities open to the research community within and outside the university

Technology Development Leader


Dr. Ian Dobbie leads the advanced imaging hardware and software development teams 

Research & Imaging Technology Development

Recent Publications


Wide ranging high profile publications  from addressing key biological questions  to development of new instruments and approaches 

Bespoke Hardware Development


We design and build innovative microscopy solutions to apply to biological questions that cannot be answered by current technology

Imaging Software Development


We build novel software solutions for instrument control, image data analysis, quantitation and visualisation

Imaging facilities and participating researchers

Micron Depts. and Institutes


The list of all the departments and institutes across Oxford that participate in Micron activities

Advanced imaging facilities


We help researchers apply cutting edge microscope technology to their research. See our range of microscopes here.

Labs participating in Micron


The list of the 100 or so labs that use micron facilities or collaborate with Micron technology developments