Consortium management

Micron Directors

Academic Directors and Principal Investigators on Wellcome Strategic Award

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Technology development leader

Leader of advanced imaging hardware and software development teams 

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Facility managers

Microscopy managers in the various associated imaging facilities

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Research & Imaging Technology Development

Recent Publications

A wide range of high profile publications ranging from biological application to technology development

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Bespoke Hardware Development

We design and build innovative microscopy solutions to apply to biological questions that cannot be answered by current technology

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Imaging Software Development

We build novel software solutions for instrument control, image data analysis, quantitation and visualisation

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Imaging facilities and participating researchers

Micron Depts. and Institutes

The list of all the departments and institutes across Oxford that participate in Micron activities

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Advanced imaging facilities

We help researchers apply cutting edge microscope technology to their research. See our range of microscopes here.

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Labs participating in Micron

The list of the 100 or so labs that use micron facilities or collaborate with Micron technology developments

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Grant Funding

Strategic Award

Next Generation Microscopy Grant

Institutional support

News & Publications

For more information on recent publications involving our researchers and users click here. 

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Plain English

A straight forward, jargon-free explanation of our exciting work for non-specialists.

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Micron Wiki

Information about our services and how to get started using our software

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